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Enterprise is Everywhere

You might see the word ‘enterprise’ and instantly think of the latest Silicon Valley tech startup, of The Apprentice or Dragon’s Den on TV – but the reality is that enterprise is everywhere you look. At Belfast Met we want to provide an environment that will foster enterprise and innovation and help you cultivate and develop your own ideas. 

A personal trainer nearby is an entrepreneur. Someone starting out installing solar panels is an entrepreneur. Your local farmer is an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a self-starter, who uses their skills and passions to make a living for themselves. 

It’s not just people starting their own businesses, but people use entrepreneurial skills throughout their careers to help deliver projects for their employers, to start a side hustle, to fulfil themselves. 

Enterprise is everywhere — and Belfast Met can help you get there! 

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Sustainable Connections

Belfast Met has announced the launch of a new Strategic Plan 2021-24, including a 'Sustainable by Nature' objective in response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. On World Earth Day, Belfast Met committed itself, as educators, to play a central and transformational role in attaining the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Through the development and implementation of a new Sustainability Plan, Belfast Met aims to become ‘Sustainable by Nature’ and will play its part in advocating for best practice in decision-making for the common good.