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Bring IT On


Bring on the Next Generation of IT Talent

Colleges and universities across Northern Ireland are training the next generation of IT experts to help prepare them for a wide range of roles in one of the fastest growing industries in Northern Ireland.

The IT career pathway is varied and thriving, which is why institutions invite employers to work with them to help shed a light on bridging the IT skills gap with the help of the Bring IT On initiative.



What is Bring IT On?

The Bring IT On programme is funded by the Department for the Economy, in partnership with colleges and universities to encourage and educate young people about the career pathways into the IT industry. Facilitators provide talks and careers advice to aspiring further and higher education students. Facilitators also outline the qualifications required to obtain an IT role and the benefits of working in the sector to help young people gain the necessary insight required to progress in the IT sector.



Bring on a Dedicated Workforce

Employing learners on a paid or placement basis enhances their knowledge of highly sought after IT skills in-house, and at the same time practise transferable skills and concepts at college or university.

The IT courses and training opportunities that further and higher education institutions offer are extensive. Employers can benefit from new graduates who have had the opportunity to grow their abilities from a pivotal stage in their education. Opportunities include applying for a post GCSE extended diploma, followed by a higher level apprenticeship or combine a foundation degree at college with a bachelor’s degree and lead on to a master’s degree at university.



Bring on learner partnerships - employ future talent as they learn...

Higher Level Apprenticeships: Software Engineering, Computing Infrastructure, Computing

Employers recruit a learner for two years while they gain a foundation degree and work four days a week in an industry relevant role and hone their training at college one day a week. On completion of the apprenticeship students may have the opportunity to stay on in their role or attain further training.

Foundation Degrees: Computing Infrastructure, Interactive Media, Software development, Computing

Employers can access students at the end of their final year - Learners study full time at college for two years including a four month work placement in their final semester as part of earning their third level qualification.

Higher National Diplomas (HND): Computer Games Design, Computing and Systems Development

HND courses are an ideal opportunity for IT companies to engage with learners. For two years learners will acquire the skills and disciplines in their chosen field and have the opportunity to network with employers at events and conferences.

Academies: Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Power BI, Software Development and Software Testing

Academies are developed under the Department for the Economy (DfE) Assured Skills programme and Invest Northern Ireland, in conjunction with the employer and higher education institutions to create a bespoke programme with the skills they need to support a growing business. Academies seek to assure potential investors, and existing employers considering expansion, by supporting companies to add value to their training and skills development activity.

The programme facilitates links with the further education and university sectors by designing key training solutions and supporting recruitment and other pre-employment activities.


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