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Students’ Union

What We Do

The Students’ Union (SU) is here to help you throughout your time as a student. Our main SU area is in the Titanic Quarter campus with additional SU common areas located in our Castlereagh and Millfield Campuses. At the SU areas you will be able to find a relaxing space to catch up with friends, chill out and take a break from your studies.SU activities regularly operate across all campuses.

The SU represents all students on all campuses and with the help of the Student Council and Class Reps, represents the wider student voice. Look out for us and get involved. If you have any issues, questions or concerns please call into the SU office at any time - we are here to help.

Student Survival Guide

How Do I Join the Students' Union?

Every student enrolled at Belfast Met is automatically a member of the Students' Union. 

How Do I Get Involved?

You can get more involved in a range of ways:
• Become a Class Representative
• Run for election and join the Student Council
• Write for the student newsletter - Impress
• Join a sports club
• Set up a club or society
• Apply to the Student Activity Fund to run an extra-curricular activity
• Attend SU events

Can I join a sports team, club or society?

Yes - we offer a wide range of sporting activities and clubs through the SU. If there is a sport, club or society you would like more information on, or maybe you would like to help to set up a new sport or society, contact us on:

Email: [email protected] or Tel: 028 9026 5099

Student Voice

Every student is automatically enrolled in the Students’ Union. Students can take on greater involvement in two ways, ensuring that the student voice is heard at the College.

Student Council

Run for election and become part of the Student Council. Elections take place in October each year. The Council meets on a monthly basis and provides a “voice” for students. Minutes of all meetings are available to students with feedback discussed at the next council meeting.

College students can be elected to the following roles:
• Student Governor
• Student President
• Campus Vice Presidents
• Student Secretary
• LGBT Officer
• Further Education Officer
• Higher Education Officer
• Training/AppNI Officer
• Women’s Officer
• Disability Officer

Class Representatives

Each class in the College elects a class representative in September. A class representative will feed back on behalf of their classmates at regular meetings with senior management at the College. They play a vital role in the College’s student community and are instrumental in ensuring that the student voice is heard.

The most important requirements for becoming a Student Council member or Class Representative are:
• Enthusiasm
• Dedication
• Ability to represent the views of your class-mates
• Desire to build strong relationships with your classmates and the College

If you want to get involved or have any questions contact your Student Liaison Officer’s Eugene McKenna or Paul Docherty.

studentsunion[AT]belfastmet[DOT]ac[DOT]uk or call on 02890 265099