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Students’ Union

What is the Students' Union?

The Students' Union at Belfast Met help make sure you have the best possible experience while you're at College and focuses on three main areas:

1. Student Voice

2. Student Engagement

3. Student Welfare

Contact us:
Email: studentsunion[AT]belfastmet[DOT]ac[DOT]uk
Tel: 028 9026 5053

Student Council

Belfast Met student council elections are held in May and October for the upcoming year. The student body elect a student council to be their voice on the issues that matter most to students at Belfast Met. Led by the Student President, the Student Council meets regularly throughout the year to plan campaigns & activities on behalf of the student body.

Class Representatives

At the start of each academic year classes are strongly encouraged to elect two class reps who attend a short training session at the beginning of the year to identify the skills and abilities to represent their class at class reps meetings every term. These class reps meetings are part of a robust process which empowers the student voice to be heard and address any upcoming issues or concerns throughout the year.


Belfast Met Students’ Union is an affiliate of the The National Union of Students-Union of Students in Ireland (NUS-USI) which was established in 1972 under a unique arrangement where both the British and Irish national student unions, National Union of Students (NUS) and Union of Students in Ireland (USI) respectively, jointly organised in Northern Ireland to promote student unity across the sectarian divide and represent the interests of over 200,000 students in Northern Ireland. They provide guidance on national campaigns and training opportunities for the Belfast Met student council throughout the year.

Advice & Guidance

The Students’ Union provides confidential impartial advice and guidance on all aspects of your student experience at Belfast Met. We can advocate for you or simply provide support to understand the college’s processes and procedures for dealing with upcoming issues. Students are encouraged to contact studentsunion[AT]belfastmet[DOT]ac[DOT]uk to make an appointment to discuss their concerns at any time throughout the year.

Students’ Union Spaces

There are a number of social spaces across the campuses with games facilities where students can relax and disconnect from their studies or enjoy connecting with others. Our evaluation survey shows that these spaces allow students to feel more relaxed on campus and has provided the opportunity for them to form new friendships which students say has improved their attendance and confidence.

Clubs & Societies

To enhance the student experience at Belfast Met, the Students' Union supports clubs and societies in a variety ways. We can source or provide equipment and spaces to run the club. We can promote it to prospective members, or even help with the cost of transport for a trip you organise. If your club or society is officially set up with the students' union, it is taken more seriously. We may even be able to help you find coaches or experts who can offer you more specialised support.

Events & Awareness Campaigns

The main event on the Students’ Union calendar is the Freshers’ Fair which runs every September and introduces students to the wide range of services and facilities available to students both at Belfast Met and in the local community. Throughout the year the Students’ Union also encourages students to get involved with a range of cultural events and awareness campaigns on campus as well as support student-led events.

ImPress Magazine

Every term the Students’ Union publishes its very own magazine which contains a range of cultural and entertainment news articles written by Belfast Met students. Details of both internal and external student support services, events & clubs are promoted in the ImPress magazine. Pick up a copy at the Students’ Union or check your Belfast Met email for an electronic copy.

Student Activity Fund

Belfast Met students are encouraged to organise extracurricular activities or events as a group. The aim is to enhance and celebrate positive group dynamics as a class and promote social connection through recreational activities.

Planning may be focussed on one or more of the following areas:

  • Healthy Living & Wellbeing
  • Leisure and Recreation
  • Cultural and Arts
  • Teambuilding
  • Community Service
  • Environmental Care

Remember that you must read the application guidelines carefully before completing the application form.

The Students’ Union is dedicated to ensuring the welfare of students by co-ordinating and facilitating a number of initiatives throughout the campuses which target challenges or barriers to education faced by students. Many of these initiatives are supported by curriculum areas and would not be possible to deliver without a team of dedicated volunteers led by the student council.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club provides both a nutritious breakfast and a social space for students to make a positive start to the day. *This initiative is subject to further funding in the next academic year.

Period Dignity 

Free sustainable period products provided across all campuses at allocated accessible bathrooms. See posters on campus for more details.

Sustainability Hub

  • Taste not Waste - Around 1 million tonnes of food waste are thrown away by food businesses each year. Our Taste Not Waste project works closely with the Hospitality department aiming to be a zero-food waste entity. In a bid to also support food poverty amid the rising cost of living, students can come along to Taste Not Waste and collect some healthy meals.
  • Wear & Share - Students can come along to Wear & Share to swap items at Belfast Met’s clothing sustainability scheme. *This initiative is subject to further funding in the next academic year.

Safe Place Initiative

Belfast met has pledged to:

  • Support the Safe Place Campaign Pledge: never to commit, condone or stay silent about domestic violence.
  • Provide a safe place for victims of domestic violence to confidentially access information.
  • Acknowledge domestic violence is a problem that impacts on all of us as a society, and will be prepared to play our part in supporting victims and state clearly to perpetrators that we will not tolerate abuse in our community.
Student Union Room

Where is the Students' Union?

There are spaces for Belfast Met students to use as a somewhere to catch up with friends or relax between classes and studying. Have you found the Students' Union on your campus?

Millfield: MF-B1-L2-R14B      Castlereagh: CC-B5(next to canteen)

Titanic Quarter: TQ-01-038   e3/Springvale: e3 Basement

These spaces can also be booked if you wish to hold an event. We ask that everyone using these areas is respectful to those around them and leaves the space as they would wish to find it.

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How can I get involved?

Join a sports club

Set up a club or society

Become a Class Representative

Join the Student Council

Write for the student newsletter - Impress

Apply to the Student Activity Fund to run an extra-curricular activity

Attend SU events or organise your own event

Become a Students' Union Volunteer

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How to keep up-to-date with the Students' Union

There are multiple channels to find out about news and events from the Students' Union. We strongly encourage interaction and communication across social media channels, via the engage app, through email, in person or anonymously through surveys. Remember that your class rep and the student council can also campaign on your behalf. We need to know what your views are so we can celebrate what's going well and identify how to make any changes that can improve your experience.


Download the Belfast Met engage app and follow the Students' Union Pages:

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