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NI Traineeships


What is a Traineeship?

An NI Traineeship will provide a high-quality vocational education and training programme at Level 2 and is aimed at school leavers and adults who aspire to work within a specific sector.

The NI Traineeship will available to all school leavers and adults providing participants with the skills and qualifications necessary to secure employment in their chosen occupation. Each Traineeship has been developed with employers to ensure that what you learn and the skills you develop are what employers are looking for. The NI Traineeship will allow participants to progress to an apprenticeship at Level 3 or alternatively to Further Education at Level 3.

Key Elements

The NI Traineeship programme will allow participants to achieve a full Level 2 qualification and will comprise the following key elements:

  • A main vocational based qualification, equivalent to at least 3 GCSEs in the chosen occupational area
  • Vocational skills development
  • Transversal and digital skills
  • Work placement
  • Literacy and numeracy qualifications at Level 2 (may include GCSE qualifications in English and mathematics)
  • Additional qualifications deemed necessary for work within a sector e.g. Health and Safety, CSR, manual handling


Available Areas

Traineeships will be available in the following areas:

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 Enhanched Entry GCSE Grades    
Technical/Professional Area  Entry Numeracy  Entry Literacy


 D  D
Health and Social Care


D  E
Plumbing & Heating


D  D
Motor Vehicle (Light)

D  E
Professional Chef

E  E
(Fabrication & Welding)

D  D
 Hospitality & Tourism
Team Member

 E  E

 D  D

Developing Your Wider Skills

As well as providing you with the technical skills and knowledge in your chosen area, NI Traineeships will help you to develop a range of transversal skills that are important for employment including:

  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Entrepreneurship

Project Based Learning will also be a key feature of NI Traineeships. This is a dynamic approach to learning in which you will explore real-world problems and challenges that have been developed with employers. With this type of active and engaged learning, you will be inspired to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects you are studying and develop a wide range of hands-on skills.