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Student Blog: My Life at Belfast Met

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My Life At The Met

Hello everyone, my name is Taylor and I am currently in my second and alas, my final year at Belfast Met. I am currently studying a Foundation Degree in Marketing, based in the Titanic Quarter campus.

During lockdown I have seen a few people bite the bullet and really go for small ventures they are passionate about, from fitness, to candle making, to banana bread baking (April 2020 nostalgia). I previously studied English Literature and three years in a row couldn’t get over a C, so maybe writing isn’t my forte but I’m giving it a go! My aim for this Blog is to give readers insight into my student experience at Belfast Met and to showcase a range of students from various courses that are achieving great things. I want to cover areas that are interesting to students on a weekly basis and hope to put a friendly face behind the institution.

To dip my toes in I thought I would share my Higher Education experience so far at Belfast Met. Firstly, I had a pipe dream of going to University in Liverpool and starting afresh but I also really wanted to live in the Holylands area of Belfast with all my mates for at least a year. Which in retrospect was maybe not the best basis to choose a College! Through the trial and error of my friends going to university and getting carried away with the student/party lifestyle, I decided that a better choice for me was to go to Belfast Met.

Many of my friends who had dropped out of Uni had made the decision to join Belfast Met, and through the different approach to teaching and excellent support of the tutors they actually completed their courses! So I saved myself a year with an inevitable ending, going straight to the Met and excelling! This was definitely the best decision I have made as an almost-adult.

On the first day walking into a class that is a fifth of the size of some uni lectures was daunting, so I can’t imagine what it would be like anywhere else, however my fears were put at ease as soon as I arrived and was greeted by such a welcoming environment from staff and my fellow students. It is very easy to see who you will genuinely connect with and also to remember everyone’s name which is always a perk. I remember everyone in my friend group outside of college, saying how jealous they were that everyone in our class spoke to got along so well and supported each other on our journeys.

My lecturers have consistently been a great assistance right up until the final hour of coursework hand ins, they never leave anyone stuck for help. I have a terrible habit of sending two iPhone screens of waffle and pure panic at an ungodly hour close to the date of submission, to which they are always available to provide support, inviting me onto a call to discuss my problems. The lecturers really go the extra mile; They care. They will check up on you if you’re lagging, you are not just a number to them. They will hold you accountable and you won’t be let slip through the crack.

A few benefits of Belfast Met Include:
• Cost- My tuition fees are less than the fees I would have to pay to attend university, which reduces my Student Loan Debt!
• Work experience- Foundation degrees have a period of work experience in them which helps give you real world application to your studies and can enhance your job prospects. I am currently working with Belfast Met’s Marketing team getting some fantastic experience!
• Smaller Classes- Larger lecture halls can be daunting for some people; with smaller classes you can feel more confident to reach out for support if you need to.
• A University Route- My foundation Degree gives me some great options for progressions, it’s a fantastic qualification in its own right but if I want to ‘top it up’ I can go onto a second or final year of a degree course at University.
• Student Life – Some people think that going to a college instead of University means you don’t get the full student experience; however, this is so wrong! I have all the benefits of a uni student and am loving every minute of it!

These are just some of the reasons why I am glad I made Belfast Met my first. I can honestly say my part-time job would have quickly become full-time, and I would be miserable doing uninspiring work (I hope Tesco doesn’t see this?) and not Marketing which I am so passionate about.

Make sure to follow my blog each week to find out more about my life at Belfast Met.

Applications are open now! Remember, you can apply for up to 5 courses!

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