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Step Up Programme at Belfast Met Offers Pathways Into Employment

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Step-Up, a new programme offering a wide range of flexible new courses is being provided by Belfast Met from September 2023.

The programme is designed to help people who need support to return to training and education, and who are missing out on job opportunities. Schedules are flexible and the focus is very much on the individual student.

Consisting of three different strands; College Connect +, DARE (Disability Access Route to Education and Employment) and WRAP (Women Returners Access Programme) the programme aims to help anyone over the age of 16, anyone with a disability and those returning to work after a career break to re-engage their skills and education to help them access employment.

The College Connect + is aimed at younger students and any care leavers between the ages of 16-24 Adult learners (25+) who are partaking in flexible education, employment, training and placement interventions up to level 3 can also apply for this.

For learners who are looking to enhance their skills and offer experience to create pathways into Further Education and employment, Disability Access Route to Education and Employment is the perfect programme for you. DARE is specifically targeted to young people and adults with Special Educational Needs and is flexible learning with a mentor approach.

WRAP (Women Returners Access Programme) enables professionals to return to work following an extended career break. This programme enables flexible delivery depending on the learners needs. Students can also receive micro credentials in line with 10x strategy, taster sessions, ESK, workshops on study skills and confidence building.

Funding for the programme, which was announced recently by the Department for the Economy, has been provided by the UK Government under the New Deal for Northern Ireland initiative and aims to increase access and participation of under-represented individuals in skills, education and employment opportunities. The funding has been provided by the UK Government under the New Deal for Northern Ireland initiative.

Students who avail of the new Step-Up Programme will also be offered the opportunity to receive funding for travel, childcare and any equipment they might need to complete their course.

For more information visit Step Up or email

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