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Belfast Met Student Gains Prestigious Place at University of Cambridge

Congratulations to Belfast Met student Conor McCann who has been awarded a prestigious place at University of Cambridge after passing his A Levels with all A* grades. 

Speaking about his time as a student at the Belfast Met Titanic Quarter campus, Conor said, “The staff at Belfast Metropolitan College assisted in getting me where I am by fostering my independence, by offering guidance when I most needed it, by personally investing in my possibilities and potential.”

“I initially decided to study A-Levels at the Met because the environment was open to a diverse selection of people; no pretence of forced conformity, you’re allowed to exist as you are. Furthermore, it facilitated independent study that suited my own academic needs. Their tutors offered a personal education, informal but disciplined – the outcome depended on your own effort, allowing for a greater comprehensive response from tutors when you engaged.”

“I hope to continue my education at university. The preparation supplied by my experiences in the college has ensured my ability to function self-sufficiently in a work-intense environment.”

Everyone at Belfast Met is delighted with Conor’s achievement and wishes him every success in the future! #Makeitatthemet

For further information on studying A Levels at Belfast Met click here

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