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Belfast Met Social Work lecturer delivers Homelessness Awareness Event

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Belfast Met Social Work lecturer, Gerry Skelton (MBE) was recently invited by the NI Social Care Council to deliver his traditional Homelessness Awareness Event at the Council’s offices.

This year’s theme was, “20:20 vision: embracing ‘Home-less-ness’ as a compelling concern in Social Work Education, Training and Practice.”

Following the very positive impact of this event, the Social Care Council launched this supporting resource containing audio, visual and written material used at the event by Gerry and his high calibre speakers from: the Office of Social Services, Health and Social Care Board, Social Care Council, Social Work management and practice, Homelessness providers, direct Service User input; as well as Gerry’s keynote contextualising address.

Commenting on the event and resource, Gerry said: “I am absolutely thrilled our event has had such a big impact on those attending and believe the accompanying lovely resource, produced by the Social Care Council, will help amplify my campaigning work in addressing the spectre of homelessness. Please not only access this great resource but share widely amongst service users, practitioners, managers, providers. A special word of thanks to the Social Care Council and Declan McAllister in particular, for such leadership in this whole area; and Claire and Council colleagues for all their work before, during and after this event. My final thanks are to and for ALL the special speakers that chose to support this campaign and publically align themselves with it – that is so touching and meaningful to me, at a personal as well as professional level”.

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