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Belfast Met lecturers join the BBC DIY SOS: The Big Build


Published: 22 February 2021

When the BBC was filming the DIY SOS: The Big Build for a deserving family in Bangor, two of our Joinery and Construction lecturers, Kieron Flannery and Kieran Montgomery, donated their expertise and put their industry skills to the test in the build. The much- anticipated programme airs on BBC One on Monday 22 February at 9pm, when all will be revealed.

DIY SOS build manager Mark Millar returned to his hometown of Bangor in 2019, where he was joined by local building and construction companies, volunteers, and local tradespeople to fit weeks of work to transform a family home, into just nine days.
Dr Jonathan Heggarty, Director of Curriculum and Learner Success, confirmed: ” I'd like to express my thanks and congratulations to our construction lecturers Kieron Flannery and Kieran Montgomery who participated in this very worthwhile refurbishment project, and gave their time and talents to help others. The DIY SOS team assists so many people make necessary changes to their homes, and they do so with the help of skilled volunteers, and I look forward to watching the programme.”

Kieron who worked for four of the nine days, reflects on his experiences of working on the DIY SOS project: ” We were approaching the hectic period at the end of the summer term so am glad that I was able to volunteer some of my time on the project. It was an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. I was able to offer my expertise in repairing structural components, fitting floors and skirting boards, assembling and fitting bedroom furniture. The legendry camaraderie of the trades was even more evident during the work. There was a tremendous community spirit amongst the team and the McCreight’s neighbours.

“I got to meet Nick Knowles and Mark Millar who were both really amenable and very approachable. The chaos of a quick-fire construction job which would normally have taken several weeks, was at the same time very slick and professional.

“I really enjoyed going back to the roots of my industry and being able to share this experience with my students, has provided a valuable resource for their learning. They are all impressed and curious about the SOS Big Build, and with how it progressed and finished up.

“I have very fond memories of the final reveal event for the completed refurbishment. It was a scorching hot day and there was a great buzz, almost like a carnival atmosphere. The entire process was filmed, so I’m really excited to see what footage will be included in the programme, and hope that we made it into the final cut!”

DIY SOS: The Big Build is on BBC One on Monday 22 February at 9pm and also available on BBC iPlayer.

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