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Belfast Met Launch Online Digital Prospectus


Belfast Met has become the first College in Northern Ireland to have a Full-Time prospectus 100% digital.

Launching a full digital prospectus suite including Part-Time, Full-time and Higher Education, enables Belfast Met to coordinate a whole-College approach to sustainability. As a College, we want to inspire, celebrate and advance environmental issues which align to the College’s Sustainable by Nature commitment. Digital publications will advance Belfast Met’s environmental impact as well as driving the College to become more sustainable.

The College has been using digital solutions to enhance the teaching and learning to improve how we work. Our learners studying at Belfast Met are largely digital natives – they have grown up in a technology-rich environment with the expectations of instant feedback, interactivity and continuous availability. They demand engaging, purposeful and visual communication.

Recognising this and aligning to our ambition to put learners at the centre of all we do, it is important that we deliver in a way that meets learner expectations – digital is a key enabler for this. Belfast Met’s ‘Digital by Design’ strategic objective commitment involves the College using digital solutions to enhance teaching and learning therefore improving how the College works. This will enable us to meet learner expectations of us as a modern, progressive and a responsive organisation.

Aidan Sloane, Chief Operating Officer and responsible for driving forward our ‘Digital by Design’ strategy at Belfast Met said: “I am absolutely delighted that we have launched both our Higher Education and Full-Time prospectuses for the 2023/24 academic year purely digitally.

“The College strives to be ‘Sustainable by Nature’, using our role as educators to inspire, celebrate and advance the sustainability agenda, maximising our positive impact on the environment, economy and communities we serve. These issues also resonate with the College’s key constituent, our learners, particularly in how they can be strongly committed to tackling climate change and inequality.

“Times are changing and as a College we take our environmental responsibility seriously and by making the move from print editions to online digital prospectuses saves on carbon copy. Compared to our carbon figures last year; this year we have conserved a total of 1.2 tonnes CO2 savings by moving to online prospectuses.”

Aidan Sloane added: “At Belfast Met we are committed to becoming a modern, progressive and responsible College and by moving to digital, ties in with our ‘Digital By Design’ strategy – applying digital solutions to improve how we work, teach and learn.”

Download your copy of the Full-Time Prospectus

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