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Belfast Met celebrates achievements of apprentices in Apprenticeships Awards

Belfast MET Apprentice Awards 130624JC002

The awards are a recognition of the hard work and dedication of those undertaking an apprenticeship, as they learn on the job and from highly skilled tutors. The awards ceremony took place at Belfast Met’s e3 campus on Thursday evening, with apprentices presented with trophies in the presence of family, tutors and employers.

Apprenticeships play a huge role in contributing to the Northern Ireland economy, as part of investing in the skills base to equip people so they are ready to step into employment with the appropriate knowledge and skills.

Belfast Met is committed to offering the pathways people need to gain those skills and realise their potential as well as helping industries find the trained professionals they need.

The awards reflect the wide range of apprenticeships on offer at the College, including traditional sectors such as construction, engineering and vehicle maintenance, as well as cutting edge sectors like software, fintech, IT and advanced manufacturing.

Congratulating the award winners, College Principal and Chief Executive Offer Louise Warde Hunter said:
“It is so important to recognise the fantastic achievements of all our apprentices who are not only learning high level skills through the college, but also contributing so much to our economy.

“The number of apprenticeships has grown at Belfast Met. We currently have 700 people being trained to an exceptionally high standard and that’s evident from the achievements of tonight’s award winners.

“It has been great to celebrate those who are thriving in this learning environment, making the most out of their training and work experience. I would like to congratulate all the award winners on their achievements so far and am certain they will step into their new careers with confidence thanks to the skills and guidance gained through an apprenticeship at Belfast Met.”

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