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Essential Skills Information

FREE Courses in ICT, English and Maths

Have you struggled with Maths or English or do you want to improve your computer skills? If this sounds like you, Belfast Met's Essential Skills courses in English, Maths or ICT are for you and best of all, they are FREE!

Classes are delivered at all main College campuses, as well as venues throughout the community and in the workplace through the day and in the evening. Classes in English and Maths are available from Entry Level through to Level 2 (achievement at Level 2 is comparable to GCSE standard).

Classes in ICT are available at Level 1 and Level 2 but, for those of you who are less confident in this area, our Entry Level ICT accredited programme may be more suitable. This will assist you in taking those first steps with email, searching the Internet and creating documents in Microsoft Word.

In order to ensure that you are enrolled on the best course to suit your needs all potential students are required to attend an advice and enrolment session prior to course entry. An experienced Essential Skills Tutor will be available to assist you in making the right decision and to give guidance on course options. Details of these drop in sessions are further down the page.

To be eligible for an Essential Skills course in the 2021/2022 academic year, students must be 16 on or before 1st July 2021.

Advice & Guidance Sessions

28 June 2022 1-4pm  M1-04-03 M1-04-05 M1-04-08
29 June 2022 1-4pm
M1-04-03 M1-04-05 M1-04-08
4 July 2022 1-4pm No session for this subject on this date
M1-04-05 M1-04-08
5 July 2022  1-4pm  M1-04-03 M1-04-05  M1-04-08
6 July 2022 1-4pm  M1-04-03  No session for this subject on this date  No session for this subject on this date
29 June 2022 1-4pm CC-01-G-26 CC-01-G-27 CC-01-1-007
6 July 2022   1-4pm CC-01-G-26 CC-01-G-27  CC-01-1-007