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ESOL/EFL Case Studies and Photo Gallery

Essaid Mechiche (France)
“I’ve studied English for about two years at Belfast Met. I’ve done a few courses such as ESOL Level 2, IELTS and now CAE. At Belfast Met, there is a good opportunity to study English because there is help from the teachers, library staff and facilities and the IT equipment. I enjoy speaking in English, learning Idioms and the rich vocabulary. The more I learn here, the more fascinated I become with the language.”

Talal Abdullah (Sudan)
l“I’ve been studying English at Belfast Met since January 2014. I started in the First Certificate course and now I am in the CAE class. What I really like about studying here is that the teachers are really helpful and they are really concerned about everyone’s progress. The resources and library that are available to students is comprehensive.”

Indre Tunile (Lithuania)
“I’ve been studying English at Belfast Met since 2006. I attended ESOL classes at various levels, including City and Guilds and IELTS preparation courses. I found all of the classes very beneficial in progressing my language skills and knowledge. The courses were well structured, easy to follow and conducted at the right pace. Also, all of the teachers I came across were very helpful, tactful and with a sense of humour, which I particularly liked.”

Maria Moya (Spain)
“I’ve been studying at Belfast Met since Jan 2013. I started at Intermediate and I am currently doing the Advanced course. I consider this to be a great and challenging experience for me. On the one hand, studying at Belfast Met is helping me to improve my English and on the other hand, it is a huge challenge. I’ve had a good time and it’s been an experience for me.”