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Case Studies

Mustora Adams (South Africa)
“I completed the CAE now known as the C1 Advance course. I now reap the benefits of the course as it taught me to converse more eloquently and increased my vocabulary tremendously. I very much enjoy studying at Belfast Met and like that I had fellow students that were on the same path, with similar goals and determinations. With all the available resources, campus’ library and user -friendly study material, it made studying less over whelming. As an auditory leaner I appreciated the classroom discussions, continuous tests and evaluation conducted by my lecturer that kept me on par with the curriculum. I gained valuable insight and skills during this course that should be beneficial for any future endeavors and will definitely consider a career in teaching English.”

Nataliia Chepurna (Ukraine)
“I started my FCE course in Sep 2022. My first teacher recommended transferring to CAE as it would benefit me more. I accepted the challenge and am happy to participate in such a thrilling course. Studying at BMC improves not only my level of English but also gives me confidence in everyday communication and work. During the lessons, we discuss different topics and complete various tasks, which allows us to express our thoughts and find new friends. I am proud to be a part of Belfast Met family and the Northern Irish community.”

Khaled Zalitou (Syria)
“I'd never learned English in my life before I came to Belfast, I'm 56 now. From my experience BMC is one of the best educational institutions I've been through in my life. I will not talk about the modern building and high-tech equipment used in education, or the wonderful library, etc. Rather, I will talk about the most important element in any educational institution, which is the wonderful administrative staff and the Student Union who work to secure everything necessary for the students. What impressed me in Belfast Met is the team of extraordinary teachers who are academic professionals and human beings. In the college, I passed five important stages in the English language, from ESOL entry one and I am now about to take the FCE exam. Every year I am amazed by the most wonderful teachers. All this makes me bow before this cultural and educational edifice.”

Maria Moya (Spain)
“I’ve been studying at Belfast Met since Jan 2013. I started at Intermediate and I am currently doing the Advanced course. I consider this to be a great and challenging experience for me. On the one hand, studying at Belfast Met is helping me to improve my English and on the other hand, it is a huge challenge. I’ve had a good time and it’s been an experience for me.”