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Good For Me Good For FE

The Good for Me Good for FE campaign was launched in Colleges in England in June 2021 and has now rolled out to all Colleges across the UK including the other FE College’s across NI. The campaign aim is to contribute to foodbanks and build partnerships with charities and companies with an initial target to raise £1 million in social value through staff volunteering.

The Good For Me Good For FE Goals

  • Generate £1m social value
  • 100,000 volunteering hours
  • 20,000 food items donated
  • Increased number of Colleges engaged (across the four nations)
  • Community impact

The Campaign Has 3 Elements

  • Foodbanks – weekly collections for the local foodbanks / charities
  • Staff Volunteering – capturing the number of hours that staff give to volunteer – (inside and outside of college)
  • Showcasing Volunteering – promote the good work that colleges do, good news stories, community and college links (charitable partnerships)

Up to October 2022, collective monitoring shows that across all colleges in the UK signed up to the programme, have now demonstrated:

  • £2.18m of social value has been generated
  • 118,000 volunteering hours have been completed
  • 99,000 food items donated
  • £157,000 raised through fundraising

The impact of the campaign is measured through a ‘social value calculator’ by calculating how many volunteering hours have been contributed to social goals such as increasing access to employment and skills, helping the environment and growing businesses.

Benefits of Volunteering

The support that volunteering provides to partner organisations and groups are invaluable, but the benefits to individual volunteers are as equally important, these include:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Reduces Stress
  • Increases Confidence
  • Gives a deeper sense of purpose
  • Provides meaning through service

Belfast Met, along with the other FE Colleges in Northern Ireland are committed to the common goals of this fantastic initiative.

Get In Touch

If you work at Belfast Met please tell us about any:

  • Volunteering activities you carry out, here
  • Fundraising activities you have carried out for good causes, here

Find out more about the national campaign here

For further information on the campaign within the College, contact us here:

Dr Sam Parrett MBE

"The response we have had from the sector to Good for Me Good for FE in just a week since launch has been phenomenal - a quarter of all FE colleges in England! This commitment to generating social value completely reflects the crucial role of colleges as Anchor Institutions.

“Not only will this initiative help local communities around the country, it will enable colleges to better support the mental health and wellbeing of staff and students. Myself and my colleagues are incredibly excited about progressing activity and I thank every college who has already committed to being involved.

“We will soon be announcing several charitable partners coming on board, who will help open up volunteering opportunities for our staff – and ensure the campaign can sustain long term impact and action.” 

Good for me good for fe logo

Stuart Rimmer MBE, CEO of East Coast College

“Coming together to help others is hugely beneficial for everyone. Colleges give thousands of hours every year in fundraising, volunteering and community engagement. 

“It’s brilliant that this new initiative can recognise this but more importantly help connect the local with the national to help us all do a little bit more.” 

Good for me good for fe logo