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Case Study

Zoe Johnston; Studying Childcare while achieving her goals in the Boxing Ring

Zoe 1
Want to pursue your passion alongside your studies? Meet Level 3 Childcare Diploma student, Zoe Johnston. She is working hard, studying Childcare while also achieving her goals in the Boxing Ring with Belfast Met Boxing Academy. 

I started boxing at 19...

"I was in the boxing academy with Belfast Met for a couple of years and I enjoyed the atmosphere and the training and soon entered my first competition.

Belfast Met has supported me in boxing whilst studying as any time I have had a competition, everyone always wished me good luck before it. In terms of working around my study, Belfast Met is very accommodating and has enabled me to attend competitions whilst managing my study and placement requirements."

I would tell a prospective student to study at Belfast Met...

"There is something different for everyone to do and different opportunities to go on from when your course is finished. Studying a Level 3 Childcare Diploma, I had previously studied at the Belfast Met Boxing Academy but always had an interest in working in a primary school setting."

The next competition...
"Riviera Box Cup in England in August is the next competition coming up. I hope I have a good future in boxing as I would like to get on the high-performance team to be able to travel with team Ireland and hopefully get to the Commonwealth Games, then the Olympics."

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