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Case Study

Stephen McDonagh: My Outdoor Adventure Experience


How the course has helped me.
This course has helped me work in groups with different people in a real-life work environment which has benefitted me in my career. It has also given me the opportunity to work with children, young people, and people with learning disabilities. During the course we had to organise events for large groups, risk assess, manage needs, and safeguard our athletes taking part in the events. It has helped me apply for jobs, apply for higher education courses, and taught me transferable skills. Furthermore, I gained skills in computers, nutrition, business studies and how to write C. V’s and achieve well in interviews.

My Enjoyment of the Course.
I was not a good student in school, simply because I did not enjoy the way teachers taught and what was being taught. However, I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this course, not often will you be able to gain employment skills and an educational diploma by kayaking, canoeing, hiking, climbing and mountain biking. If I could do it all again, I would to be honest. The tutors are fantastic they will do their best to see you achieve and want you to enjoy your learning process. If you are struggling at any of the modules, they are more than happy to help you if your seen to be trying. This helped a lot for me as I had been out of education for some time and the thought of deadlines for assignments were somewhat overwhelming for a mature student.

Where am I now?
The tutors on this course had noticed how well I worked with children, young people, and people with learning disabilities. I had often thought of applying to do social work, but after this course I had built the confidence to apply for the social work degree, which I have just finished. Many of my skills, knowledge, and values that I had first touched on in the outdoor adventure course have been transferable to what I do now. At the minute I work with children and adults with learning disabilities. I go canoeing, mountain biking, paddle boarding and hiking with people who have special needs and are vulnerable. Taking part in outdoor sports provides a platform for these people to have fun, express themselves, challenge themselves and burn off some energy in the most therapeutic environments there are. I never thought that my love for outdoor sports and desire to help people would come together and give me the opportunity to do a job that I thoroughly enjoy.

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