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Case Study

Sara Houghton Discusses Her Experience In A Higher-Level Apprenticeship In Accounting

Sara Houghton began her career with leading provider of Accountancy and Advisory services, Baker Tilly Mooney Moore, in 2019.

Sara says, “After completing my A levels, I embarked on a foundation degree in Marketing at Belfast Met. In my first year of the course, I completed an Accounting module and immediately knew that I had found my vocation.

A lecturer in the college mentioned the Higher-Level Apprenticeship to me as a possible route instead of going through university and I haven’t looked back since enrolling. The scheme allowed me to enter the workplace immediately and to combine studying with learning on the job.

“In the time that I would have spent at university, I have amassed years of invaluable experience at a fantastic firm and am further ahead in my career than I would otherwise have been.

“One of the best things about working for Baker Tilly Mooney Moore is having the opportunity to experience different areas of Accountancy, from Audit and Accounts to Tax. The firm is allowing me to develop professionally in as many areas as possible. Baker Tilly Mooney Moore is passionate about creating an environment in which everyone can succeed, and our mentoring program allocates all employees a mentor to nurture their careers.

I really do think that entering the workforce early was the best decision that I could have made. I work within a brilliant, supportive team and have met and learned from so many interesting people in my time at Baker Tilly Mooney Moore.

My advice for anyone contemplating Belfast Met’s Higher- Level Apprenticeship in Accountancy would be don’t hesitate to enrol!”

Baker Tilly Mooney Moore Consulting Partner, John O’Rourke, says, “We welcome applications from both school leavers and graduates.

“Many successful candidates tell us that it is the combination of studying and working at the same time that they really enjoy and this has certainly been the case with Sara, who is a fantastic addition to our team.”

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