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Case Study

Noura Jama: Belfast Met helped me to achieve my goals


After coming to Belfast as an asylum seeker, inspiring student Noura learnt English and is now training to be a nurse!

My story...

I’m Noura Jama. I am from Somalia, and I came to Belfast as an asylum seeker in 2018. When I left my country, I had just finished my secondary school. I always wanted to go to university and be an educated woman to help my community. 

When I came to Belfast, I had to start my education again and I decided to go to college at a time that I was waiting for my papers (Asylum decision). I spent most of my time by improving my language and skills. I registered for ESOL and Essential Skills at Belfast Met, and my English has improved massively. My teachers were extremely positive, and they ignited my love of education again.

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to become a nurse and help others at their most critical time. However, I could not pursue this dream due to many disappointments and hardship back in my home. When I came to the UK my love for nursing increased, here there are many opportunities available. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support and encouragement of my teachers whom I will be forever indebted to them.

I decided to study at Belfast Met because...
A lot of my friends were studying there and recommended it to me. They told me about how Belfast Met goes out of their way to make their students’ dreams come true and this intrigued me as I longed for that environment.

‘Belfast Met has helped me to progress in different ways’
I had studied different courses apart from the ESOL and Essential skills, I did Active IQ Level Two GYM instructor - it was an incredible experience and I really enjoyed it. I used to take every opportunity to fulfil the university requirements. 

My biggest achievement to date...
I am going to start my Nursing degree this April 2023. I managed to fulfil the university requirements even though I didn’t go through the traditional school system in the UK. I took every opportunity that came my way to get my qualifications in place. 

‘I would highly recommend Belfast Met’
For everyone that wants to develop their skills, study at Belfast Met. The tutors pushed me to do my best and the amazing learning facilities helped me to achieve my goals which I am so proud of.

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