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Case Study

Mark Miller Discusses His Experience In A Sales Apprenticeship

"Undertaking and successfully completing a Sales Apprenticeship was a straightforward and rewarding experience for me. Starting as a customer agent in Concentrix, I wanted to enhance my skills and experience and had plans to develop my career further within the organisation. When my employer offered me the opportunity to undertake an apprenticeship in sales with Belfast Met, I was keen to find out more.

The apprenticeship in sales allowed me to achieve qualifications relevant to my job role whilst earning a wage and gaining experience. Apprenticeship training combines education and employment. I got to be a student and an employee, learning and earning a wage at the same time.

My apprenticeship course was part of my working week which meant I was able to juggle full-time work as well as the requirements of the course. Course modules were relevant to my role and gave me the benefit of applying what I was learning directly to my daily work tasks. I gained a greater insight into how I could do my job better, think like a customer, and provide a higher level of customer service.

Completing this course and achieving my NVQ Certificate in Sales and Certificate in Principles of Sales, inspired me to focus on the next stage of my career. I enrolled and completed the Concentrix team leader course"

I highly recommend the apprenticeship in sales; the course was not only beneficial from an educational point of view but also a great opportunity to network and develop new relationships.

Martina Quinn, Learning and Development at Lead Concentrix praised the apprenticeship programme, "We are fanatical about our staff and want to provide the right opportunities for their development, focussing on investing in their future within Concentrix. Implementing the Apprenticeship Program demonstrates the Concentrix Culture of Investing in the future of our staff. The program focusses on the knowledge, skills and competencies that are essential foundations required to be successful in the sales and telesales roles and to set the scene for career development.

Mastering the knowledge and skills required allows our staff to build confidence in their abilities, resulting in stronger customer relationships and improved client engagement. Demonstrating this investment in their future results in stronger relations with clients and long term commitment from our staff to Concentrix.

Joining a global business and working for renowned clients can be overwhelming for some of our younger demographic, this program allows them to build their skillset up gradually, learning about the sales and telesales environment as they practice and build confidence in their abilities. The program allows our staff to really understand the depths of their role and to build confidence in the early stages which is critical to their success.

Our employees really benefit from this program as it supports learning via multiple styles and is adaptable and flexible to their needs and requirements. They are also learning how to represent Concentrix and lead by example with external businesses like Belfast Met

We have seen career progression with a number of our Apprenticeship candidates successfully moving to the role of Team Leader/Supervisor for sales and customer service teams in the last 12 months. I believe that this program has helped to form a better understanding of the role for them and how to support others, building that mindset of leading by example."

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