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Case Study

Maria - Why I Chose an Apprenticeship


Maria Moodie, an Operations Apprentice, shared with us why an apprenticeship works for her and why it can work for you too!

"I decided to take part in the apprenticeship because I wanted to change career paths without going to university for a second time. My previous job roles were in administration and retail, I felt I was best suited to an Operations role at Citi, but no specific work experience is necessary.

My favourite part of the apprenticeship is gaining hands-on experience and working with a highly knowledgeable team, everyone is helpful in answering my questions and treats me like any other member of the team. I am developing my skillset and networking with staff, both of which will be beneficial to my future.

There is a great work life balance at Citi, and there are several societies/networks and events to join which allow you to meet people from other teams.

I would highly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone, whether you are just leaving school or want to change careers, they are a fantastic option instead of university. After successful completion, you have two years experience, which is a huge advantage when applying for a permanent role."

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