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Case Study

Izabela: How Skills for Industry helped me succeed

Sfi Businessv2

If you are unemployed and interested in an exciting career in Business Administration, you can find out more from Izabela who recently completed the Level 1 Business Administration course at Belfast Met.

“In my mid 40s I found myself without a clear direction as what to do in my professional life. My youngest child was at primary school and I didn’t feel ready to go back to work right away, but wanted to have more options open to me such as an office job. I heard about the Business Administration course within the Skills for the Industry programme in Girdwood Community Centre and I thought that could be something for me.

“I think the most significant thing I discovered at the beginning of the course was that I already had a number of transferable skills that could be used in an office. After being out of work, I lacked confidence in my abilities generally lacked self-confidence, and the encouragement I received from staff and particularly the tutors, I became more self-confident.

“The Belfast Met team at Girdwood is fantastic. The staff supports the students all the way, and in addition to teaching, the tutors help with writing up C.V.’s and to prepare for job interviews, and sign post us to job opportunities. There is always someone available if I have any questions or problems.

“I was also able to attend Essential Skills classes and achieved my Essential Skills Literacy and Numeracy qualification and am planning to do the ICT course. The courses have a very friendly atmosphere, and the tutors and supporting staff are very flexible and offer me extra assistance when I need it.” Izabela, Business Administration graduate.

For more information about the Business Administration Skills for Industry programme please contact Sinead Moss on Email: or Tel 07976173077

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