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Case Study

Hannah Sproule - IT Apprentice


IT Apprentice Hannah Sproule, was nominated earlier this year as Level 3 Apprentice of the Year 2020 and talks about her apprenticeship through Belfast Met with Citi.

"I am coming to the end of my year and a half long journey on my Level 3 Apprenticeship course with the MET and Citi. I never thought starting out that I would be in the position I am in today, I have learnt so much in my time at Belfast Met that has helped me to excel in class and in my job. I have grown a lot in this time, met so many friends, built good relationships with my tutors at the College, and gained a wealth of knowledge that will stay with me throughout my career.

I am so grateful to Belfast Met staff for helping me to prepare for the world of work and in achieving my high grades. I have grown in confidence since I began the programme, and am now an ambassador for ‘Females in IT’.

As my current course comes to a close, I am excited for the new opportunity I am beginning. I will be starting a Level 5 Apprenticeship within Belfast Met whilst remaining employed at Citi. This opportunity will allow me to gain a full degree, along with 6 years’ experience in an IT position by the end of completion of the course. I am keen to get started, meet new people and learn even more to help me within my career. I will now have a Level 3 qualification, as well as two years’ experience in a job role.

Citi are continuing to work with Belfast Met to take on more apprentices each year, which I have been able to help train some of these through our ‘Buddie Scheme’ within Citi. I was also lucky enough to have the opportunity of going on a learner exchange trip to a University in the US earlier this year.

I am fortunate to still be able to continue my job, and my learning which goes to show how much technology has developed and how reliant we are on it. I have been able to access my classes though the College virtually, which has been hugely beneficial as coursework deadlines are closing in. I have also been able to continue working four days a week at Citi remotely, from home. There has been so much stability for me with work and education through these uncertain times, and I know many have not been as fortunate. While I miss the social aspect of being in college as well as in work, I am grateful to have some sort of normality.

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