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Higher Education Graduation 2022

Save the Date! It's Nearly Time to Celebrate!

Location: Titanic Belfast
Date: Tuesday 15 November 2022

Graduation is one of the largest and most prestigious events in our calendar. We are extremely proud of our students who have put in a tremendous amount of work and effort to complete their qualifications. 

Join us with your family, friends and fellow alumni to celebrate your special day. If you are eligible to graduate, you will receive your invitation email soon. 


graduation scroll

Check Your Ceremony Details

We are looking forward to you, your family & your friends joining us to celebrate your achievements. Make sure you check the details of the ceremonies to find out which one you should register to attend. 

Details of Ceremonies will can be found in your invitation email.

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Purchase Guest Tickets

Make sure to buy tickets for whoever is lucky enough to be accompanying you on this celebratory day!

If your ceremony has capacity you will receive an email advising you can now purchase extra tickets.

students in line holding scrolls

Plan Your Journey

Ensure to pre-plan your trip to Titanic Belfast. Leave plenty of time for travel as you don't want to arrive late and miss any part of your special day! Aim to arrive 30 minutes before the beginning of your ceremony. 

There is parking available on site. Further details of parking at Titanic Belfast can be found in your confirmation email. There will also be additional parking available at the Belfast Met Titanic Quarter Campus car park. 

man smiling

Remember Your Day!

You will of course want to create visual memories of the day so keep an eye out for our official photographers & videographers who will be taking snaps throughout the day, get your best smile on and enjoy!

Check your email invite for more information and to book your photography session.