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Case Study

Successful InnovateUs project with Precision Analysis leads to new service offering

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Precision Analysis is a leading-edge laboratory who provide independent, accredited and confidential analytical services. Specifically, the company provides nutritional and chemical analysis of feed ingredients and finished products.

Having identified a gap in the market, the company wished to develop a new silage analysis service for farmers in Northern Ireland who have to send their silage samples to England for analysis. This new service would provide farmers with a much shorter turnaround time with potential for same day results. To be able to provide this service, Precision Analysis required skill enhancement in data management through Minitab to manipulate the data more effectively.

Having approached Belfast Met, it was agreed that the InnovateUs programme would be the most suitable to meet the company’s needs due to the unique nature of the training required. Yvonne Gamble, Data Analytics Trainer, provided bespoke skill enhancement in Minitab to 5 members of the company. This included how to gather statistical information, utilise box and whisper plots, conditioning and filtering data and creating matrix plots and marginal graphs. 

This skill enhancement enabled the staff in Precision Analysis to analyse trends and patterns in large volumes of data confidently. It is expected that this upskilling will lead to the laboratory being able to provide effective analysis of silage samples.

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