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Case Study

Jack Melaugh - Providing Financial Services Apprenticeship - Investment Operations Pathway


I have always been interested in the financial sector and after spending a few years going down an engineering route, I wanted to try something new. When I saw this apprenticeship advertised, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get my foot in the door of a highly successful global organisation and to start my career in the finance industry. I really enjoyed the work-based learning format; therefore, I knew this apprenticeship would suit my learning style of “learning by doing.

My working day consists of processing trades to collateralise the cash or stocks being borrowed or loaned by Citi. For example, when a trader buys a stock, it would be part of my job to book out the cash being used as collateral for that stock. I get plenty of support from my employer and from Belfast Met with regular check-ins from both the college and Citi who work collaboratively to make sure my apprenticeship is a success. Regular meetings between my managers, my tutors and myself provide ample support and ensure progress is being made.

The mix of classroom teaching and on-the-job training is a good combination that allows for a significant time in the workplace which for me is the best place to learn. Study time is allocated within working hours so there is no coursework or studying needing done outside of the hours you are paid for if you manage your time well. This fits with my personal life as I have children and it makes it easy to balance my time working with my family time.

For anyone considering an apprenticeship, I would say go for it! I really cannot think of any drawbacks. I was hesitant due to being slightly older than what you would expect for an apprentice but turns out there is a range of ages within the group, and you are never too old to learn new skills and retrain into a new role. Ideally, after I have completed my apprenticeship, I want to continue my career path with Citi and develop my skills and experience within the financial services industry.

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