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ApprenticeshipsNI & Training for Success

 Skills for Your Future

ApprenticeshipsNI -  Is for individuals aged 16-24 (over 25 apprenticeships available in priority skill areas) who are employed for a minimum of 21 hours per week and is designed to enhance their professional and technical skills whilst working towards a Nationally Recognised Qualification.


Training for Success (TfS) - Is a work-based learning programme for school leavers aged 16-18 (up to 22 for registered disabled) . TfS is designed to provide young people with the skills and qualifications required for industry and prepare them for future employment. 

Want to become an apprentice?

We have a wide range of Apprenticeship courses available to suit your needs

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Want to employ an apprentice?

Every Business needs new ideas and new talent to generate and execute fresh thinking!

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Increase your chances of employment

95% of apprentices are employed a year after starting their job hunt compared with 84% graduates

What businesses want

In the last year nearly half of employers, 48 per cent – have endeavoured to recruit apprentices

Be part of a growth area

Unemployment rates have risen in recent years since the recession period post 2009 at all levels of education – apart from among apprentices

Make it happen

Belfast Met is here to help you every step of the way! Employing an apprentice can have many benefits for your business including increased productivity, improved competitiveness, develop a competent workforce and much more.

Why Choose an Apprenticeship

Choosing an Apprenticeship as a route into employment is a decision worth making. In today's global economy where employers are looking to recruit individuals with diverse and up-to-date skills, an apprenticeship is the perfect way to ensure that your skills are both current and desirable.

Apprentices are likely to remain in sustained employment because their employers have invested in their training and development from the outset.

As an Apprentice you will earn while you learn and the real like skills and experience you get from an Apprenticeship are sought after by employers, so you'll have the edge over other people looking for employment.

The Benefits

As you will be in paid employment from the outset you become a valued part of the workforce. You have terms and conditions of employment in the same way as other employees and you will contribute to the company from day one.

In addition to getting hands-on training in the workplace you will also benefit from off-the-job training facilitated by the College whether on a day block release basis and supported through the flexible e-platforms used by the College to enhance your learning.

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Training for Success

Training for Success is designed to assist young people aged 16–18 (or up to aged 22 for registered disabled), who are not employed but who are committed to vocational training to develop occupational skills and acquire a relevant vocational qualification including employability skills.

Through Training for Success you will:

  • Work towards completing a range of qualifications including professional and technical (vocational qualifications) in addition to employability and personal development skills and English, Maths and ICT where appropriate
  • Attend a work placement to develop on-the job skills - In BelfastMet 95% of Training for Success young people are in sustained and high quality work placements
  • Benefit from the state-of-the-art facilities at Belfast Met including the range of services within College to help you make the most of your time in training
  • Increase your chances of securing an apprenticeship/employment – 92% of TfS participants who stay in training enter either an apprenticeship programme or progress directly to employment
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