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Student Support

Student Support Services

Our aim:

To provide an outstanding service, affecting positive change through learner enhancement, achievement and progression in an all-inclusive environment.

Achieving Lasting Change in the Life of Learners.

Belfast Met is committed to excellence in every way – and that includes looking after the best interests of our students. Because it’s as much about the experience as it is about the education!

Our student support team and range of services are vital elements of College life – here to support you at every stage of our time at Belfast Met. This exceptional support has been designed to ensure our students have an enjoyable, rewarding learning experience.

Belfast Met student support covers all aspects of College life: Careers and Employability Service, Student Finance Advice and Guidance Service, Inclusive Learning Service, Student Counselling Service, and our vibrant Students Union.

All of these services are available to all of the students at Belfast Met.

Student Handbook

Serious about safeguarding

Safeguarding is about helping students to keep themselves safe and to prevent harm from happening in the first place. Safeguarding is also about responding to concerns about alleged and suspected harm and putting in place plans to help and protect those who cannot protect themselves. Every day our students could be at risk of experiencing some kind of harm, abuse, ill treatment or neglect. But everybody has the right to live their lives free from violence and abuse.

Support for Transgender Students and Notification Process
If you are transgender, or are considering changing your gender, please let us know so that we can ensure you get as much support as possible whilst in the college and to ensure that any records we hold are changed if you are a re-enrolling student. The college provides a confidential disclosure process for anyone who wants to apply or enrol in the college or may already be enrolled in the college. The disclosure process can put you in contact with staff who can help guide you whilst in the college. Only those who need to know that you are transgender will be advised with your consent.

Confidential Disclosure process
1. Always apply/enrol for a course in your new identity before you notify the college that you have changed your gender identity;
2. Email nualaboyle[AT]belfastmet[DOT]ac[DOT]uk using this template letter A.
3. You will be contacted by the Head of Student Support and provided with a named contact person who will contact within 5 working days of receipt of the letter to arrange an informal meeting;
The purpose of the informal meeting is to ensure that the correct details are on the college database and to discuss support and changes required to other records to allow you access to college services and incorporate this into an action plan;

4. For full time students - a personal tutor will be allocated who will meet with you and agree any further actions or support required. This will be your contact person whilst on this course;
5. For part time students - you will be provided with assurance that your details have been changed and you can opt to have additional support should that be required. The attached letter should also be completed to ensure that all college records are correct. 

Please also see the following documents:-

Transgender - information leaflet for students
Transgender Equality Policy Statement
Transgender disclosure process flowchart
Roles and Responsibilities

Criminal Disclosure Process

Belfast Metropolitan College actively promotes equality of opportunity for all and welcomes enrolments from students with criminal convictions. However, in order to manage any risk that you might pose, you must tell us about any unspent convictions you have. You should do this by completing the college’s criminal disclosure form. This form should be submitted at the same time as your application form, or in the case of direct enrolment programmes at least four weeks ahead of the start of your course.  Certain courses require us to consider spent as well as unspent criminal convictions. In such instances you must disclose all past offences on the college’s criminal convictions enhanced disclosure form. If you are convicted of a criminal offence as a student of the college you must tell us about this conviction through the criminal disclosure form. If you require advice and guidance with this process please contact Head of Student Support by e-mailing: jennifercampbell[AT]belfastmet[DOT]ac[DOT]uk If you require independent advice and guidance on conviction disclosure please contact NIACRO on 02890320157.

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