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Employ an Apprentice

The fresh new talent your business needs

Every business needs new ideas to keep growing, and new people to generate and execute fresh thinking. Young people bring new energy to any business; they’re keen to learn and innovate.

Because they’re being trained now, they’ll be learning skills possibly not currently used in your workplace – bringing new knowledge to your business.

Young people are your company’s future

Every organisation has to think about what happens when experienced people retire or leave. Apprenticeships are a smart investment, giving your workforce the right mix of skills.

Meeting your social responsibilities

Employers have a wider responsibility to their community and society. Take on an apprentice and you:

  • Enhance the life chances of young people and boost the economy
  • Show your business is socially responsible, which raises your community profile
  • Help tackle unemployment in your area, and create a more diverse workforce
  • Support the NI youth training strategy helping young people into sustainable employment

The employer’s role

  • Pay the apprentice as a permanent remunerative employee (minimum 21 contracted hours per week including day release/off-the-job training. Directed training must be paid as part of the participant’s contracted hours) from day one.
  • Support on-the-job training for the apprentice using a mentor or journey-man  to help develop knowledge and competence on the job.
  • Support off-the-job learning by giving the apprentice appropriate time to attend College to enhance professional and technical knowledge.
  • Comply with all relevant legal and contractual responsibilities regarding health and safety, and take steps to ensure equality of opportunity, regardless of community background, gender, marital status, disability, race, political opinion, sexual orientation, age, or dependents.
  • Hold appropriate Public and Employers Liability Insurance.

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