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Degrees and Foundation Degrees

Our jobs market is ‘skills hungry’. The need for a workforce with higher skill levels is growing and it’s making an impact right across the skills spectrum.

More and more people are upping their skills levels to answer the need. As each level increases their skills to gain next-level qualifications, those on the level below will also want to upskill to fill the gap.

Today, higher skills means those with Levels 4-8 on the qualifications framework. Belfast Met covers this skills spectrum, with Foundation Degrees and Higher National Diplomas across a huge choice of subjects and vocations. 

Find out more about the Levels of Study

Improve your skills and job prospects

These courses are designed and delivered in partnership between employers/employer organisations and universities, so as a graduate, you will be equipped with the specific skills, be it academic knowledge or technical expertise, that employers are looking for. At the same time you’ll gain a higher education qualification recognised worldwide.

Foundation Degrees

There are many paths which can lead you to choosing to study a Foundation Degree. Maybe you've just finished school and feel university isn't right for you, or maybe you’re not ready to enter the world of work just yet? Studying a Foundation Degree at Belfast Met could be the perfect path for you!

What is a Foundation Degree?

A Foundation Degree will give you the technical skills and academic knowledge required to progress in the workplace whilst gaining a Higher Education qualification. They are designed and delivered through partnerships between employers and the College. This means that as a graduate you will be equipped with the specific skills that employers are looking for.

Our Foundation Degrees are run in conjunction with top UK education provider including Queen’s University Belfast, Ulster University, The Open University and the University of Dundee.

Foundation Degrees will have considerably lower fees than a university, and you will also be entitled to a student loan while studying and are an excellent steppingstone to progress onto a full degree programme, as they will help you gain entry into the second year of a related degree course.

Benefits of a Foundation Degree

Cost – Tuition fees are often less than the fees at university.

Work Experience – All Foundation Degrees provide work experience which allows you to put learning into practice.

Route to University – Foundation Degrees are an excellent steppingstone to progress onto a full degree programme, as they will help you gain entry into the second year of a related degree course.

Skills Gap – Foundation Degrees are Level 5 qualifications – the level at which our Northern Ireland skills gap is greatest. Get the skills employer need!

Smaller Classes – More one-to-one contact with tutors.

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University Partnerships

Belfast Met offers a selection of Higher Education (HE) courses that are closely aligned with industry demand and run in conjunction with top UK education providers.

Our Higher Education partners include Queen’s University Belfast, Ulster University and The Open University who we work in partnership with to deliver various degree and Foundation Degree level courses. Students are enrolled at both the College & University and have all the main entitlements as other undergraduate students at the university.

Successful graduates have a choice of progression opportunities subject to meeting entry requirements and can apply to enter second or final year at University

All of our HE programmes face the same rigorous external checks and audits as a university programme as we are all assessed by the Quality Assurance Agency. But, as you’ll experience, Higher Education in the College is also fundamentally different – in a good way.