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Non-Employed Pathway

Training for Success 

Skills: as a learner on a journey the skills pathway can offer you a vocational focused route into your chosen profession. Simply put you can gain valuable skills whilst working and studying to gain employer driven accredited qualifications.

The skills programmes offer a learning journey balancing knowledge based learning with practical work based experiences giving learners an insight into their chosen professional and technical pathway at a range of levels. Belfast Met offers a range of Level 2 Skills qualifications allowing progression onto Level 3 Apprenticeships and then onto Level 4 + through Higher Level Apprenticeships. The skills programmes offer you a unique opportunity to become the stars of the future ensuring NI companies of all sizes have a skilled Workforce which is highly qualified both vocationally and academically.

Skills Key Facts:

Who? 16-17 years old or up to 24 depending on the circumstances of the individual receiving £40 EMA weekly for attending, plus performance bonuses!  

What? A range of new skills and qualifications such as, Professional and Technical Qualifications, Personal and Social Development, Employability, Confidence Building, Motivation Skills, Life and Work Skills including Essential Skills.  

Why? To gain an insight into employment opportunities and gain upskilling and new qualifications to help you move into employment or further training via ApprenticeshipsNI opportunities.  

Where? You will attend classes in Belfast Met for 3 days of your week and spend the other 2 days in your work placement from 104 weeks up to 156 weeks.

How? All new entrants will need a training credit from the Careers Service. Speak to a member of our Skills and Apprenticeships team who will provide further advice and guidance. Further, you can speak with your local Careers Service or Training Programmes Branch to confirm eligibility.

Contact details can be found here.