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Living & Studying in the UK

If you want to study at Belfast Met College, then you will need to prepare to live in Northern Ireland, ideally Belfast and nearby cities. We can help you with all of the information and advice that you need. Our International team can advise on:

Visa regulations for the UK – we can help and advise on applications

The cost of living in Belfast – we can help you to work out the cost of living

How to open a bank account – we can advise on the nearest branches of banks to the College

How to apply to work in the UK – if your visa allows work in the UK we can link you to employment agencies and our careers team

How to arrange healthcare – we can advise on the options open to you

Travelling around Belfast – we can advise on the best and cheapest way to travel across London as a student

Registering for a National Insurance number

Airport collection

The College can arrange a private taxi to pick you up from the airport on your arrival in the UK. There is an approximate £20 - £35 charge for this service. Please contact [email protected] for dates of the pick-up and to confirm your booking.
Should you wish to book airport collection then please contact the International Administrator on:
[email protected]