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Information for Applicants

We know that this may not be the start to College life that you or we would have anticipated, but you are joining a vibrant College community and will be fully supported to settle in.

Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19 restrictions, we will help you to engage in your programme of study in the most meaningful and effective ways.

You can still look forward to a vibrant, inspiring and productive time with us, and we look forward to welcoming you to Belfast Met.

Applying for Courses with Entry Requirements

Are you still accepting applications for the 2020-2021 academic year?

Absolutely. Applications for our full-time, part-time and work-based learning provisions are open for the 2020/21 academic year. We are processing applications for next year and welcoming new ones.

Apply Now 

I didn’t get onto my first choice because I didn’t meet the criteria. I have now received my new grades and they have improved. What should I do?

Email us at immediately using studentportal[AT]belfastmet[DOT]ac[DOT]uk and we will arrange for someone to call you back to discuss your options.

What are course entry requirements?

Course entry requirements are set for each course before applications open. You should check course entry requirements carefully before you make an application.

Pre-entry advice

On-site pre-entry advice sessions were suspended in March 2020. Course specific pre-entry advice information will instead be sent to applicants by email.

Applicants only need to contact the College if they want more information or to withdraw their application.

Applicants applying before 31st July 2020 can transfer to another course using the original date applied. They must contact the College within 14 days of the date that the pre-entry advice information was emailed to them. 

I have changed my contact telephone number since I first applied

We will contact you on the telephone number you provided on your online application account. Log into your account by clicking here. Check that your contact telephone number is correct, and update it if it has changed since you first applied. We cannot progress offers if we cannot get in contact with you by phone.

I have changed my email address since I first applied

Information and progress updates about your application will be sent to the email address you provided on your online application account. Log into your online application account by clicking here. Check that your email address is correct, and update it if it has changed since you first applied. You will miss essential information if the wrong email address is listed.

I want to check my application progress

Applicants can review the courses applied for in their application account by clicking here. If you have forgotten your password, click here to get an email containing a link to reset your password.

How will I enrol?

COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing requirements mean that this year’s application to enrolment process will look very different:
  • You must not attend the College in person.
  • If you are holding a conditional or unconditional offer, you have been given a time slot for a ‘virtual’ appointment by telephone.
  • The College will make two attempts to call you during the time slot. The number we use to contact you may display as ‘Unknown’ on your phone but you must answer to progress to the next stage. If there is no answer, you may lose your place.
  • If you do not hold an offer at this time, you must make sure your contact details are up-to-date. If a place becomes available, we will contact you to progress your application.
  • Special arrangements will be made for applicants who cannot access a computer to upload qualifications and/or other evidence.

What is a ‘virtual’ appointment and why are they necessary?

COVID-19 restrictions mean that applicants cannot access our campuses at the moment. Please make sure that you follow the instructions in your offer email about virtual appointments by telephone.

I think I have an offer but can’t find the email.

If you think that you have an offer but cannot the email, contact [email protected] with your name, date of birth and course(s) applied for.

I am holding a conditional offer but grades were lower than expected. What should I do?

Record your grades achieved and upload evidence on your online application account. Keep your virtual appointment with the College and discuss your options with a member of the Curriculum team.

I am on a waiting list. What should I do?

Follow the instructions contained in your email. Record your qualifications achieved and upload evidence on your online application account. Make sure that you answer your phone and check your emails regularly particularly from results day onwards.

I have been asked to record my qualifications

Log into your online application account by clicking here.
  • Record each qualification you have already achieved and upload copies of evidence.
  • If you have not yet received your grade, please enter Pending in the Grade box.
  • You must update Pending to your actual grades as soon as you receive them and upload copies of evidence to your online application account. We cannot process offers until we have reviewed evidence of your qualifications.

How do I upload evidence of qualifications achieved (e.g. exam certificates)

Log into your online application account by clicking here. Upload photographs of your evidence of qualifications achieved. We cannot process your offer until we have reviewed evidence of your qualifications.

What should I do if I have lost my exam certificates?

If you have lost your exam certificates, you should contact the exams Awarding Organisation who awarded your qualification, e.g. CCEA, AQA, Pearson Edexcel, OCR, City and Guilds.

Most Awarding Organisations have a section on their website for ‘replacement certificates’. You will have to pay for a replacement.
If you are not sure which Awarding Organisation awarded your qualification, contact the school or college where you completed this qualification and they will be able to tell you.

Exam certificates are the preferred evidence for applications to Belfast Met, particularly for HE courses.

In some cases, the College will accept your Statement of Results. The statement must be on school/college letterheaded paper showing the school stamp, principal’s name (printed), principal’s signature and date. However, exam certificates are required for progression to study at any other Higher Education Institution, e.g. Ulster University or Queen’s University Belfast.

Any form of evidence that states ‘provisional’ will not be accepted.

How do I provide evidence of identity and right to study?

Belfast Met is required to check your identity and your right to study at Belfast Met. A list of acceptable identity and right to study evidence is available from the list below.

British/Irish/EU/EEA citizens must provide one form of evidence from the list below:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate if born in the UK before January 1, 1983, OR Your long-form birth certificate listing your British-born parent AND their marriage certificate and British birth certificate
  • Proof of Irish citizenship
  • Registration Certificate
  • Permanent Residence Document
  • Derivative Residence Card
  • EU Settled / Pre-settled status
  • EU Settlement Status Application Pending Outcome
  • Biometric Residence Card

Non-EU/EEA should be familiar with the most up-to-date Visa and Immigration rules available here and provide appropriate evidence to enrolment staff.

Log into your online application account and upload copies of the evidence. We cannot process offers until we have confirmed your identity and your right to study.

I am transgender and need some advice on documentation

We understand that it might be problematic for trans students to produce official documentation such as photographic identification and birth certificates at enrolment and exam time. We therefore have in place a separate, confidential notification process to support trans students. For confidential notification, contact the Head of Student Support email: studentsupport[AT]belfastmet[DOT]ac[DOT]uk


What Happens During Clearing?

Courses with vacancies will appear on our dedicated Clearing page. Applicants will still apply as normal using the online application system. 

Clearing Events

COVID-19 restrictions mean that we cannot hold our traditional on-campus Clearing Day this year. Details of our Results Day support and opportunities will be available on these pages shortly.

Fees & Funding

I have applied for a course with entry requirements. How do I find out about funding opportunities and other financial help?

Visit Student Funding to find out how to fund your studies.

I have obtained a place on a course and would like to pay by Direct Debit

You will be provided with more information when you enrol.

Can I pay for my course in cash?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, payment methods are currently restricted to Credit/Debit card or Direct Debit. Email studentportal[AT]belfastmet[DOT]ac[DOT]uk if you require special arrangements to pay in cash.

How do I apply for a Travel Pass?

Full-time students must be under 19 on 1 July 2020 and enrolled on a full-time course. Students applying for travel passes must live at least 3 miles from the College with no closer college offering a similar course. More information on how to download and complete the Travel Pass is available here.

I have applied for a Higher Education course and will use a Student Loan to pay for my studies. What information do you need?

Before you can enrol, you must upload a photograph of your Student Loan letter OR confirmation of Student Loan application. Log into your online application account. 

My employer is paying for my course. What information do you need?

Before you can enrol, you must upload a photograph of your Sponsor letter. Log into your online application account.

Booking a Place on a Course with No Entry Requirements

Enrolment on courses with no entry requirements

COVID-19 restrictions mean that telephone, postal and on-site enrolment are not possible at the moment. Potential students must book a place before paying for a place on the course.

To do this:

  • Browse courses
  • On the course page, click on ‘Enrol’ to book a place.
  • Log in or create an account using your personal email address and password.
  • Follow the instructions on screen to provide your details.
  • On the final screen, you will be asked to complete the booking.
  • A confirmation email will confirm the course booking.
  • One of the following methods will be used to take payment:
  • Campus Admin will contact you by phone to process payment; OR
  • You will be sent an email containing a link to the World Pay site and instructions on how to pay.
  • When you are enrolled, you will receive an email confirmation with your course start date, instructions on how to get your student ID card and other support information.

Support and Advice

What support will be available on Results Day?

Applicants cannot visit our campuses due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, our staff will be available to support you by email and telephone from Results Day through to enrolment.

I need help with uploading evidence to my online application account

The College can provide support to applicants who are having difficulty uploading copies of examination results or other evidence. If difficulties continue, alternatives can be discussed to progress with the application. Contact us at studentportal[AT]belfastmet[DOT]ac[DOT]uk so that we can help you progress to the next stage.

I will not have access to a computer when I get my results. What should I do?

f you do not have access to a computer, contact us immediately and we will discuss an alternative arrangement for you. Contact us at studentportal[AT]belfastmet[DOT]ac[DOT]uk so that we can help you progress to the next stage.

I do not have access to a computer and cannot use the online course booking system

If you do not have access to a computer, contact us at studentportal[AT]belfastmet[DOT]ac[DOT]uk so that we can help you progress to the next stage.

I need some advice about my career choices

The College’s Careers and Employability Service can help you to make important decisions about your education, training and career development. Find out more.

I have a disability. Can you help?

Belfast Met welcomes and encourages applications from students who have a disability, learning difficulty or long-term medical condition. Click here to view the Inclusive Learning web page for more information.

How do I disclose a criminal conviction?

Belfast Met actively promotes equality of opportunity and welcomes enrolments from a wide range of applicants, including those with criminal convictions. Click here to get more information on how to disclose criminal convictions.

What support do you provide for applicants who have faced barriers to education or challenges while in education?

Belfast Met actively encourages applications from students who have faced challenges in previous education settings, or who have been out of education for some time due to home, personal or other life challenges. We have a team who can help and support you while studying in the College. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We are here to help you to succeed. Click here to view the Student Wellbeing web page for more information.

General Advice

When will Belfast Met buildings reopen?

Belfast Met continues to review the current restrictions around COVID-19. The latest update on access to buildings and car parks can be found here.

Do I have to wear a face covering (face mask) in College?

We want all of our students to feel safe on campus. In light of the most recent guidance to the FE Colleges all staff, students and visitors will be asked to wear a face covering whilst in the College corridors and other communal spaces. Reusable face masks will be made available.

I have enrolled on my course. When will I get my student ID card?

You will get your student ID card during the first week of your course. You will be given an appointment to go to Campus Administration to get your photograph and ID card.

When will I get my course timetable?

Course timetables will be emailed to students after they enrol.