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Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2016

Course Code: C3216
Campus: Titanic Quarter
Week Commencing: 29 Jan 18
End Date: 23 Jun 18
Time: 17:30-19:30
Day of Week: Wednesday
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Excel 2016
Create and Manage Worksheets and Workbooks
• Create Worksheets and Workbooks.
• Navigate through Worksheets and Workbooks
• Format Worksheets and Workbooks
• Customize Options and Views for Worksheetsand Workbooks
• Configure Worksheets and Workbooks to Print or Save
Create Cells and Ranges
• Insert Data in Cells and Ranges
• Format Cells and Ranges
• Order and Group Cells and Ranges
Create Tables
• Create a Table
• Modify a Table
• Filter and Sort a Table
Apply Formulas and Functions
• Utilize Cell Ranges and References in Formulas and Functions
• Summarize Data with Functions
• Utilize Conditional Logic in Functions
• Format and Modify Text with Functions
Create Charts and Objects
• Create a Chart
• Format a Chart
• Insert and Format an Object

This course is now full and may be offered again in the near future.


Tuition Fee


All fees are set in accordance with DfE regulations.

Other Information

The MOS exams are taken at the end of the course. This on-line exam consists of practical tasks using MS Office 2016 and the results are displayed on completion.